8 Tips to prepare for a fabulous Spray Tan

With so many options on how to get your skin looking bronzed and beautiful, if achieved, the task of keeping that look can be daunting. After analyzing every option available to become a honey caramel colored babe, you’ve decided in all your geniusness; the quickest, safest, most non-uv toting, wrinkle preventing way is to bag yourself a Spray Tan.

“How will I make this skin of the gods last?” you ask. Well, we’re here to give you 8 tips to prepare for and prolong your fabulous Tan. The FIRST FOUR tips you want to begin the day before your Spray Tan

1.Designate hair removal for the day before your spray tan. Although we are violating our religion by discussing this step, if you are a sinful Shaver hehehe, it’s best to do this the day before to ensure a hair free surface and no fuzzy friction to get in the way of your spray. For waxers two days before the service is ideal, in order to give your skin a day to calm. For all our Sugared babes, hair removal services can be performed just before your Spray tan but we would ideally suggest it be done the day before.

2.Avoid using soap or moisturizing body wash. The use of these products can leave behind a residue that will most definitely result in a blotchy Tan. The solution from a spray tan needs to adhere evenly to your skin. If there is a barrier that blocks the skin or moves and flakes off the result could end up having you look more like you just exited a paint ball shooting competition.

exfoliate_leg3.Brusha, Brusha, Brusha… and by brush we mean Exfoliate. Exfoliate and exfoliate well. Dry brushing would be a most excellent choice for this step. We also recommend synthetic exfoliating gloves or pad. When exfoliating remember to focus on your elbows, knees and heels. This will ensure an even coverage in those pesky dry skin collecting areas.



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4. Moisturize well before bed. After all that scrub-a-dub dubbing rehydrate your skin with a great moisturizer. Be sure to use a moisturizer that doesn’t contain a lot of alcohol or fragrance. These types are not typically beneficial for your skin.

The Day of your Spray Tan

5.Cleanse the palette!  Remove all makeup, moisturizer, perfume and deodorant before your session. If at all possible, just avoid using these products the day of. Think of a primered car before getting it’s candy apple red paint job. That baby needs to be squeaky clean and dust free to take on that new coat of paint, and so do you. This is also a great time to double down on your exfoliation regime by adding a quick once over with the exfoliating gloves mentioned earlier.  One can never be too sure. exfoliating_gloves

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6. Wear dark loose fitting clothes and shoes. A.K.A Goodwill attire, something you might not want, something that doesn’t fit you so well, and you won’t mind if a smudge of color ends up on it. Let’s face the facts. It’s a spray tan. Excess color that doesn’t deposit can end up on your clothes. Loose fitting attire is best so that the material doesn’t rub your tan off before your it sets and sandals are ideal for the same reason.

7.Don’t stress! You should enjoy your tanning session and be comfortable. Feel free to tan how you are comfortable. You can tan in the nude. If that’s not your forte you can wear your bathing suit or bra and/or underwear. Remember if you choose to wear these items make sure they are of a dark color. Most spray tanning salons also provide disposable undergarments. If your un
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